The cost of a hearing aid

Hearing aids are available in all shapes, sizes and prices. In the Netherlands compensation for the cost of a hearing aid is provided by the basic health insurance. In addition you can choose to have a supplementary insurance. If so, it may be possible to purchase a hearing aid without any additional payment.

Read your health insurance policy for the terms and conditions of the compensation. A lot of hassle? Don’t worry, please contact one of our locations in Amsterdam or Alkmaar. We are happy to explain the possibilities.

5 years service and aftercare
Most basic insurances allow you to purchase a new device once every five years. This is a very long time for a hearing aid. That is why it is so important to make appointments between times, to let François Nicolle check and adjust your hearing aid depending on the condition of your hearing. Therefore you will have the maximum benefit of your “old” hearing device.

After purchasing a hearing aid we offer you a further five years after-care service, in addition to the usual manufacturer’s guarantee.

During this period:
  • We will help you with any problem, free of charge. If necessary at home!
  • You have unlimited access to one of our locations for a hearing test, free of charge. For example we can check every six months whether your hearing has deteriorated and make the necessary adjustments to your hearing aid, if required.

Learn more or make an appointment?
Please contact one of our locations in Amsterdam, Alkmaar or Antwerpen.

François Nicolle
Hearing Aids:

  • Professional personal advice, always based on the latest developments.