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Frequent exposure to excessive noise inevitably results in hearing damage. In the inner ear we find a conchea with about 20,000 hair cells transmitting sound to the brain. After processing excessive noise these hair cells need rest to recover, otherwise they die off. When a hearing loss is noticed, multiple hair cells have already died. Unfortunately this damage is permanent, no new hair cells are produced.

The intensity of sound is expressed in decibels, abbreviated dB. The more decibels, the more noise and a greater risk of hearing damage. There is evidence that 15 minutes listening to sounds above 100 decibels causes permanent hearing damage.

Do not underestimate this. A few examples:
  • Music: noise levels in discos and at rock concerts are about 90 to 120 dB. Also take care with headphones and MP3 players. Many MP3 players produce up to 120 dB.
  • Doing odd jobs: just drilling a hole with a hammer drill means you are exposed to 130 dB, often less than two feet away!
  • Motorcycling: wind noise can also result in a significant hearing loss. At 120 km/h the wind noise is 98 dB under a helmet. This causes damage after 7 minutes.

Custom made hearing protection
François Nicolle provides custom made hearing protectors for all noisy environments where there is risk of hearing damage. The main features of these earplugs are excellent wearing comfort and selective noise reduction by means of special filters. Therefore it is still possible to have a normal conversation with someone. To fit a perfect custom made earmold we make an impression of the ear canal. These hearing protectors are available in many designs and materials. We are happy to advise you.

François Nicolle provides custom made hearing protectors, standard earplugs and music filters of the following brands:
  • Noizezz
  • Alpine
  • Sonus Silent Comfort
  • Variphone

Fitting custom made hearing protectors must be carried out by a professional audiologist. Not only the right choice is important (type, material, degree of noise or music filtering) but they must also fit well. Therefore a leak tight test is important to determine whether the hearing protectors block the ears snugly. It is recommended to check your hearing protector annually and to replace them every two years.

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Dj Michael Medoza: "Always hearing protection while I am working."

The famous DJ Michael Mendoza always wears hearing protectors during his work."When I have to perform or have a night out, I always wear them. The noise level in the clubs where I perform is actually about 100 decibels. This is dangerous if you are exposed, even for a few hours. François Nicolle has advised me well and I am very happy with my new hearing protectors. They filter out the loud noise, but I can still hear everything perfectly. I have already recommended them to many of my colleagues. "

François Nicolle
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