Hearing aids and other equipment

Forget those former big ugly hearing aids. Nowadays they are virtually invisible to wear, either behind the ear or inside the ear. The latest generation of hearing aids are highly advanced, but still easy to operate as a user. The devices are fully automatic or can even be adjusted remotely by the audiologist via the phone.

François Nicolle Hearing Aids is familiar with the latest inventions and is a professional supplier of all brands of hearing aids. Which device is most appropriate for you depends on the space in your ear and the type of hearing loss. Important too is your own preference and of course your budget. We are happy to inform you.

Behind the ear (BTE)
Hearing aids worn behind the ear have traditionally been the most well known. However, a modern BTE-device is not comparable to the big aids of the past. The newest devices are small and inconspicuous. But the performance is great! Even people with a serious hearing loss can benefit from them. The latest technology even imitates the acoustic effect of the auricle, so you can determine the direction of the sound.

There are different kinds of BTE-devices. For example the amplified sound is conveyed through a custom-made earmold into the ear. Therefore the audiologist makes an impression of your ear canal. Based on this impression an exact earmold is made. It is possible too to select a so called open fitting with an ultrathin tube. This does not block off the ear and gives a free and open feeling. You will hear the sounds directly, without any obstruction. Currently there is a device available where the receiver (speaker) is not built into the device but into the ear canal.

Behind-the-ear devices are available in different tints, ranging from bright striking colors to discreet hair tones.

In the ear (ITE)
An in-the-ear hearing aid is custom-made and fits exactly into the contours of your ear. It is very discreet and inconspicuous to wear and the ear is still open. You can hear all sounds and voices perfectly and naturally.

Completely in the canal (CIC)
The CIC-system is the most advanced. These small devices fit completely into the ear canal. François Nicolle is one of the few audiologists in the Netherlands who sells this concealed hearing aid.

These devices contain the most advanced technology in hearing and are invisible to wear. However, fresh air can still flow freely in and out by a unique ‘venting system’

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Brands of hearing aids

We supply all brands of hearing aids, including:
» Audio Service
» Beltone
» Bernafon
» Exsilent
» GN Resound
» Magnatone
» Microlux
» Oticon
» Personal Medical
» Phonak
» SeboTek
» Siemens
» Sona
» Starkey
» Unitron
» Widex

Other equipment

François Nicolle produces different custom-fit hearing protectors and swimming plugs. Make your choice from a variety of additional equipment such as telephones, alarm and warning systems, hearing loops and a Sennheiser headset to listen to your television.

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