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An important service provided by François Nicolle is the hearing test, with no obligation, free of charge! If you have problems hearing, it is important to act quickly. It is possible for you to train your hearing. In practice, a hearing aid can slow down the decline. If you have the slightest suspicion of a hearing loss, you should immediately test your hearing.

This is also useful if you already wear a hearing aid, because the technology is developing very rapidly. The newest generation of electro acoustic devices cannot be compared to the earlier hearing aids. Nowadays they are virtually invisible when worn, either behind the ear or inside the ear. They disappear completely within the natural contours of your ear or even inside the ear canal. The device that is the best choice for you depends on the space inside your ear and the nature of your hearing loss.

An impression of a hearing test:

1 - Professional inspection of the ear with a video otoscope.
2 - Testing your hearing by listening to a series of tones.
3 - Discussing your hearing loss and explaining what to do.
4 - Discussing the different options and types of hearing aids.
5 - Preparing an imprint of the ear canal to fit a custom-fit hearing aid.

In an initial interview we discuss your case history, life environment and possible inherited defects. After that we test your hearing. This is based on a complete computer-controlled audio measurement. Each test starts with a video-otoscopy, which you can watch simultaneously on the monitor. You are able to see your eardrum with any possible defects, such as holes, tubes or scar tissue. Perhaps the ear is clogged with earwax. Earwax must to be removed by a Physician or an ENT-specialist before we are able to test your hearing.

The results and options are discussed in detail leading to our recommendation. In most cases we can help you directly. If necessary, we will refer you to a physician or an Otolaryngologist.

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