Fitting a hearing aid

After the free hearing test or as authorized by a physician or otolaryngolist, you can purchase a hearing aid. You are welcome to make an appointment at one of our locations, François Nicolle Hearing Aids in Amsterdam or Alkmaar.

Personal advice
Based on the audiogram we discuss with you the various types of hearing aids. There is a wide choice: you can wear a device behind the ear, inside the ear or even inside the ear canal. Which option is the most appropriate for you depends on the space inside your ear and the type of hearing loss. Important is also your own preference and of course your budget. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of devices, so you are able to weigh up the pros and cons and can decide which is the best choice. Ultimately it is your hearing that counts.

When a hearing aid is selected, we make an impression of your ear and the device can be ordered.

Fitting and adjusting
In a follow-up consultation we will fit and adjust the hearing aid. The device is tested thoroughly and we fine-tune it to your ear. After this, you can try it out, with no obligation.

After extensive testing you can finally decide whether to buy the hearing aid. Don’t worry about the financial arrangements with your insurance company. François Nicolle handles it all.

To hear better again improves the quality of life. With all five senses you can enjoy TV-shows or music as you used to and you also feel more confident.

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