All about your hearing

Probably you don’t even realize, but we actually “hear” with our brain. Via the outer ear, the auricle, the middle ear and the inner ear, sound waves are converted through an ingenious system into electric signals. Our brain interprets them and so we hear all kinds of sounds: from birds chirping to a Beethoven symphony.

Take a tour through the ear to get an impression of this wonder of the human body!

Successively, you see:
  1. The outer ear (our ears, the auricles) catches sound waves and directs them through the ear canal to the eardrum.
  2. The eardrum starts to vibrate. Behind this drum the middle ear is located, with three bones: the hammer, anvil and stirrup. These bones transfer the vibrations to the inner ear.
  3. The inner ear consists of fluid-filled canals that are equipped with about 20,000 microscopic hair cells. These cells convert the sound vibrations into nerve impulses. These impulses are sent to the brain which interprets them so that we “hear” the sound.
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François Nicolle
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